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Red Hook Mattress Cleaning

You may not realize it, but your mattresses can become a catch all for a variety of unpleasant things that can disturb your sleep and even affect your health. Dust and Pollen from the air, the residue from skin and body oils, lotions and creams, perfume and perspiration odors, pet hair, dead skin cells,

the dust mites that feed off those cells and even those unexpected accidents left behind by sick children and pets its almost enough to make you want to forgo sleeping in your bed choosing to sleep on the floor instead. Before you go to that extreme why not give our Mattress cleaning technicians at Red Hook Carpet Cleaning a call and let us clean your mattresses for you.

Advantages of Your Mattresses Steam Cleaned Two or Three Times a Year

There are several advantages to having your mattresses steam cleaned two or three times a year. Some of these advantages includes:
  Cleaning your mattresses helps to reduce the amount of dust & dirt on your mattress & in the air.
  Cleaning your mattresses two or three times a year eliminates those odors you may not notice.
  Cleaning your mattresses two or three times a year prevents dust mites & other small pests.

Tips For Keeping Your Mattresses Fresher & Cleaner Between Cleaning

In order to help you keep your mattresses cleaner & fresher between cleanings here are some tips that should help you accomplish that goal.
  Vacuum your bedroom & your mattresses frequently.
  Use a dust cover over your mattress & change & wash the covers often.
  Spot clean any spilled food or drink or the accidents by children or pets as soon as they occur.
  Use a bit of clear water & blot the areas to remove the stains & odors. Never rub a stain on mattress.
  Washing your bedding frequently will help to keep you mattresses cleaner as well.

Steam Cleaning Your Mattresses is Best

Studies show that using a state of the art steam cleaner to steam clean your mattresses is the best way to get your mattresses clean. Steam cleaning not only removes dirt, stains and most odors, it also kills those pesky dust mites, bacteria and germs as well.

Experts suggest that you should have your mattresses steam cleaned at least 2 or 3 times a year in order to provide you with the restful sleep you need and safe guard your health and the air quality of your bedroom.

We combine our state of the art steam cleaners with our green cleaning products in order to eliminate all dirt stains and odors. Our green cleaners will leave your mattress smelling fresh and clean without those toxic chemical odors or powdery residue.

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