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Red Hook Carpet Cleaning

There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after throwing a party in your home to find a large stain on carpeting that has set over night. Despite your best efforts to blot out the stain, the spot keeps reappearing as soon as the spot dries.

Once that stain has set you have limited choices as to what to do. You can get all new carpeting, try covering the stain with an area rug or a piece of furniture, create identical spots on the rest of your carpeting and try convince people it’s part of the carpets designs or call the professionals
here at Red Hook Carpet Cleaning to remove that stain and return your carpeting to its former glory.

What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Unique

There are thousands of carpet cleaning companies all promising to provide you with the very best possible service. While we here at Red Hook Carpet Cleaning firmly believe that most carpet cleaning services try their best to deliver that promise we feel we that our carpet cleaning service is unique because we deliver on that promise each and every time we clean a carpet. Here is what makes our carpet cleaning services unique:

Our State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Let’s face it, most carpet cleaning companies are all about making a profit, which often means they try and cut corners by choosing to use inexpensive carpet cleaning equipment and then running their equipment into the ground between repairs. While we also like to make a profit for ourself and our employees, we believe we can best accomplish that goal by providing you with the clean carpeting you want and deserve. That is why we invest in state of the art carpet cleaning equipment. Our steam cleaners are perfect for reaching that dirt ground into your carpet fibers resulting in carpeting that is as clean at the roots of your carpet fibers as it is as the top. In addition, our equipment is frequently inspected and religiously maintained so that it is always in perfect working order.

Our Carpet Cleaning Technicians

We feel that our carpet cleaning technicians are the best in business because we actually train our technicians ourselves. Before we allow any of our technicians to enter your home and clean your carpeting we make sure that they not only know how to properly use our equipment and cleaning products, but that they are able to identify common stains and odors and know the best way of eliminating those odors. We don’t keep any technician that can’t cut the mustard or wine stain for that matter, and we only hire and keep carpet cleaning technicians who take pride in the work that they do.

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