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The Dangers of Water Damage

Not only can large amounts of water do serious damage to any building overtime the growth of mold and mildew and bacteria can harm your health.
In addition, unrepaired water damage can create a damp atmosphere that can result in rotting beams and flooring weakening the structure of your home.

In the end unrepaired water damage can not only cost you several extra thousand of dollars in repairs, but also can cause even more money in medical bills should you get sick from the mold or bacteria that can grow in your home.

Water Damage

As residents of Red Hook, many of you have experienced some flooding and know the type of damage this situation can cause to homes and businesses. However, as devastating as major flooding can be it is not the only source of water damage to homes. Other causes of water damage include:

  Breaches in storm drain protocol
  Broken water mains
  Leaking radiators
  Leaking roofs
  Leaking basements or crawl spaces
  Broken water pipes
  Leaking appliance hoses
  Plugged sinks, showers and tubs

The Quicker You Deal With Water Damage the Better

Considering the problems that water damage can cause, the sooner you deal with the damage the water can cause the better it is for you. Here at Red Hook Carpet Cleaning our water damage repair technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you deal with your water damage emergency quickly and effectively.

Hiring a professional to deal with your water damage makes sense. Professional water damage technicians know how to deal with various types of water carried bacteria safely preventing the spread of health harming bacteria and molds. In addition, professional water damage technicians can easily find and spot hidden damage that you might not even think to check for.

Temporary Repairs

The very first thing that you need to do when water is entering your home is to stem the flow of that water. Our water damage repair technicians are experienced at making a variety of temporary repairs to stem the flow of water.

Water Removal

Our powerful commercial water extractors will remove that standing water quickly & effectively. We also have a water finder that will find any hidden pools of water that the naked eyes may miss.

Drying Out

Once the standing water is removed we will use dehumidifiers and powerful fans to dry up the remaining moisture from the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture & carpeting.

Clean Up

We will also attend to cleaning up after the water is removed including sanitizing the affected area, treating it for mold & mildew, and cleaning carpeting & furniture.

Permanent Repairs

We will also inspect the affect area for all damages & then after discussing with you the necessary repairs we will make the repairs to return your home to its original condition.

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